Back from Yellowstone

We got back from Yellowstone on Tuesday morning, back to work on Wednesday, tired and having to ease back into the social thing.

All-in-all a very good trip. We had no problems with fire, for once, although one started recently near LeHardy Rapids. We did need to change our backpacking itinerary because Bighorn Pass was blocked with 20 feet of snow and impassable. One thing that I have learned is no matter how long you plan for a backcountry excursion, you need to be prepared to audible and be flexible. Plans change for reasons out of your control, fires, snow, bears etc., so just roll with it and enjoy!

Saw a Griz from about 30 yards at Heart Lake, a Moose cow walked through our camp there also. Coyotes, bison, black bears, and all the other usual suspects causing traffic jams on the roads. Idiocy reigns supreme, a guy in a bright red shirt standing about 10 foot from a huge bison, taking a picture. A little bit of head butt action would have been nice…..just because Darwin says so.

Pictures coming soon!